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Workplace Safety Consultants

If you are looking for a company that is dependable and can help you comply with OSHA regulations, you have come to the right place. Occupational Safety Resource will provide the expert advice and assistance you need, all while working within your constraints. We have helped clients throughout the United States and in several other countries to achieve their goals related to workplace safety and health.

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Health and Safety Programs

The heart of your safety effort is your company's Injury and Illness Prevention Program. For this to be effective, these programs must be compatible with your overall organizational goals and structure. Clearly designed and communicated, our experienced and credentialed safety and health professionals can help to meet your specific needs and keep it consistently implemented. For more background on the importance of an effective Injury and Illness Prevention Program, refer to the OSHA White Paper.

Workplace Assessments

Audits and program reviews are a critical and often overlooked aspect of any effective management program. These tools will provide feedback and information to accurately determine your needs. This also identifies the gaps or weaknesses within your platform and aids in achieving an increased measure of control and predictability in your safety and health process.

Exposure Assessment and Control

Industrial hygiene monitoring is your primary tool in determining employee exposure to chemicals, noise, heat, radiation, and other workplace hazards. Accurate exposure determination enables you to ensure compliance with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration regulations by implementing controls that are necessary, reasonable, and effective.

Crisis Management

In a crisis, your emergency response and crisis management programs need to work to keep your business and employees safe. That is the bottom line. You must have the necessary procedures and equipment in place, as well a crew that is able to respond to form an effective and coherent team. For adrenaline-state, participative training, and drills, our safety education experts can help.

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Behavioral Safety

An effective behavioral safety program does not have to be a huge investment of time and money, complete with fancy bells and whistles. Behavioral safety works best when integrated into your culture one step at a time, encouraging employee input, participation, and emphasizing success at each step. Such a simple step-by-step process can become an effective and lasting platform for change.

Confined Space Entry and Fall Prevention/Protection.

Falls continue year after year to be a leading cause of workplace fatalities, and in fact, have increased in the last few years. And after decades of emphasis by OSHA on preventing confined space fatalities, approximately 100 US workers still die each year in confined space accidents. Many of these are not entrants but instead are would-be rescuers. Don't overlook these critical life-safety programs. Make sure they are complete and effective with our knowledgeable help.

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Hazard Communication

For years the most cited program violation by OSHA, Hazard Communication has fallen to second place behind Fall Protection. However, Hazard Communication is still vital to your OSHA-compliant, and effective Injury and Illness Prevention Program. Let us help you make your Hazard Communication Program work – from program design and employee training to help in preparing a new GHS-compliant Safety Data Sheet (SDS).

We Also Provide Advice on the Following Occupational Safety & Health Issues:

• Asbestos, Lead, & Mold Issues
• Blood Borne Pathogens
• Electrical Safety
• Ergonomics
• Fall Protection
• Fire Safety
• Hearing Conservation
• Hexavalent Chromium & Benzene
• Lockout & Tagout
• Machine Guarding
• Powered Industrial Trucks
• Respiratory Protection
• Welding & Burning
• Workplace Violence Prevention
• Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
• And more...

Client Praise

"It's good to work with a consultant who understands the client's needs and tailors the project to meet those actual needs. Occupational Safety Resource personnel are dependable, capable, honest, stay within parameters, and keep me informed."
— Gary J., Everett School District

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