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Safety Education Personalized to Your Business

In today's world of unlimited selections, it can be challenging to find the right training that will fit your needs now, as well as in the future. At Occupational Safety Resource, we work directly with you to provide your company the best choice for you and your people. Contact us for more information about our custom safety training. Give your employees and company the benefit of training that actually increases understanding and competence when it comes to working safely.

Worker Testing Electrical Connections

Custom OSHA Safety Training

For your more complex or challenging training needs, let our professionals conduct a training assessment and design for you a course that gives you the outcome you need. Our customers, both past, and present, testify that it's good to work with a consultant who understands the client's needs and tailors the project to meet those actual specifications.

We will work with you to determine how to best meet your training needs, whether it's through custom training, online training, or a regularly scheduled commercial training program. Each of these methods has its unique advantages and disadvantages, which we will help you sort through to determine what will be successful. If we feel that an approach different from one we provide will serve you better, we will not hesitate to say so.

Our custom safety training programs are participative, incorporating techniques for maximum learning. The following are examples of customized and fun training programs that we can provide. The sky's the limit! If you can envision it, by working together, we can make it happen.

  • Task-Specific Training - Combine Production, Quality & Safety into One Seamless Whole!
  • Crisis Management with a Bite©
  • Breakthrough Behavioral Safety
  • Effective Media Communications
  • Selling Safety — Your Employees as Your Customers
  • Making Safety Meetings Fun & Effective
  • Confined Space Entry Rescue & Retrieval Drills
  • Other Types of Participative Emergency Response Drills

Ongoing follow-ups, mentoring, as well as Spanish language learning, are also available with some programs. Contact us today for help with your safety training program.

Customer Praise

"I enjoyed the diversity of the courses I received in my Safety and Health Intensive and the expertise provided. It helped me as an Occupational Health and Safety Manager by updating my knowledge on Safety Management Systems, Risk Management, Air Quality, and Behavioral Based Safety Systems. I was immediately able to apply the learnings to current projects and initiatives."
— Tim S., BHP Billiton

"Our employees really enjoyed the training they received, especially the hands-on nature of it. It opened their minds to several improvements they could make to our program."
— Brent E., Rinker Construction

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