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About Occupational Safety Resource

Occupational Safety Resource Inc. has been in business since 1999, providing quality health and safety services to many different kinds of clients, including:

• Aircraft Painting & Repair
• Construction
• Environmental Remediation
• Attorneys
• Construction
• Environmental Remediation
• Attorneys
• Manufacturing & Fabrication
• Mining
• Oil & Gas
• Primary Metals, Foundries, Smelters
• Public Schools & Other Public Facilities
• Wood Products, Pulp, & Paper

The Importance of Safety Management

Occupational Safety Resource brings value-based services to our clients that are efficient, cost-effective, and remain within the framework of your overall organization and its goals. We believe that safety management, to be the most effective, must be approached as a comprehensive business process. The best programs are carefully planned and consistently implemented, using a total quality approach. We work collaboratively with you so that you are able to achieve the most benefit from your overall safety resources and increase the effectiveness of your workplace safety and health program.

Areas of Expertise

• Accident Analysis
• Accident Investigation
• Accident Prevention
• Adhesives & Glues
• Aerosol
• Americans with Disabilities Act
• Asbestos
• Behavioral Safety
• Carbon Monoxide
• Chemical Accidents
• Confined Space
• Construction Accidents
• Construction Injuries
• Construction Safety
• Crisis Management
• Electrocution
• Ergonomics
• Explosion
• Fall Protection
• Fire Safety
• Flammability
• Guardrails
• Hand Tools
• Hazard Communication
• Hazardous Materials
• Household Chemical Products
• Industrial Accidents
• Industrial Chemical Products
• Industrial Hygiene
• Ladders
• Loss Prevention
• Mildew
• Mold
• Multi-Employer Worksites
• OSHA Construction
• OSHA Training
• OSHA Violations
• Personal Injury
• Process Safety
• Products Liability
• Safety
• Safety Management
• Safety OSHA
• Scaffolding
• Slip & Fall
• Workers Compensation
• Workplace Injuries
• Workplace Safety
• Wrongful Death

Important Updates

After years in the works, OSHA has issued its Final Rule for the protection of workers against crystalline silica dust. One of the industries most impacted by this new rule is construction. Other impacted industries include glass, clay, and concrete manufacturing, stone works, foundries, railroad transportation, and oil and gas operations. The Final Rule was effective June 23, 2016. Compliance dates include:

June 23, 2017, for Construction
June 23, 2018, for General & Maritime Industries
June 23, 2018, for Hydraulic Fracturing, with the Exception of the Provisions for Engineering Controls, for Which the Compliance Date Is June 23, 2021

Another important new OSHA Regulation is the Final Rule to Protect Workers from Beryllium Exposure, which will be effective March 10, 2017. This rule is designed to prevent chronic beryllium disease and lung cancer in American workers by limiting their exposure to beryllium and beryllium compounds. It affects the construction and shipyard industries, as well as general industry employers that include beryllium metal and ceramic production, non-ferrous foundries, and fabrication of beryllium alloy products. In all three sectors - construction, shipyard and general industry - compliance with most provisions of this final rule will be required by March 12, 2018.

For help assessing your responsibilities under this new Final Rule, or in implementing other OSHA requirements, call Occupational Safety Resource for a free consultation.

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